Tool - Stinkfist 10" picture disc promotion

Tool - Stinkfist 10" picture disc promotion

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Was bundled together with Tool's AEnima album in 1996.  Was not sold separately.

"Stinkfist" is a song by the American rock band Tool. It is their first industry single and first music video release and is from their second album Ænima.

The song title, the lyrics and the perceived subject matter caused changes made, to the originally released version, by TV[2] and radio programmers, who also shortened the track. The track has been remixed by Skinny Puppy.

Keenan said the use of the words "stink" and "fist" and the resulting perception of "fist fucking" is actually symbolic in dealing with a friend of drummer Danny Carey who "isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty" rather than a "write-off" of the sexual term.[3] Instead, fist fucking is a metaphor for the real cause of ailment.[4] Keenan would introduce the song during the Ænima tour as "about choosing compassion over fear".